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Banana Tahini Blender Bread

23. November 2016

As my good friend Lynn once said, there is appearently a rule that every good food blog needs a Banana Bread recipe. Thanks to one and a half year recipe testing for my Instagram account I can happily tell you, that I already have one up my sleeve!!  (Actually two, to be percise , but we don´t want to give it all away at once , right ? )


In my quest for the perfect Banana Bread recipe I have tried a lot of different variations and most of them were not very succesful to be honest.

Too dry , to moist , to oily, not enough banana flavour, too dull, too sweet, oh dear.. I have seen (and unfortunately tasted) them all!

But you know, creating a good recipe is all about trial and error and I am glad I didn´t give up , as this Banana Bread recipe , if I might say so myself, turned out to be  extremly delicious. The bread is light, fluffly , full of aromatic spices like cinnamon and cardamom, has an incredibly soft Muffin like crumb and a slightly nutty flavour thanks to Tahini and Peanut Butter. And in case it matters to you , it even happens to be vegan and refined sugar free!


The sweetness of the overripe bananas and a bit of maple syrup are perfectly enough to make this bread a real treat and I promise , that you won´t be missing the almost artificial sweetness of white sugar.  So , apart from the white flour ,( which you could easily replace with a gluten free alternative ) this Banana Bread is not only really yummy( according to my son Max) but it is also a pretty healthy compared to all of it´s sugar loaded look alikes .

I know that many vegan baking recipes require the use of grounded flaxseeds or chia seeds as an egg replacer for binding, but not for this one right here- Your bananas will do the job! And there is even more good news! You can just skip the time consuming act of mashing your bananas with a fork and  carefully folding everything in by hand and instead pop all of your ingredients in a high speed blender and have your banana bread ready to enter the oven in no more than two minutes.



I also like to add some walnuts to my banana bread, as I think that walnuts and bananas are just meant for eachother plus I love the little crunch they add! But this, of course , is optional. You can leave them out completely or replace them by other nuts of your preference . And while we are at it , I think a bit of dark chocolate never killed nobody !So feel free to use this recipe as a base to play around with !No rules !


Ahhh, sorry.. there is one rule !

I know..I said feel free,no rules bla bla bla and now I am here telling you what you should and shouldn´t do , but I hope you will forgive me because I only want your best! And your best ,in this case, are brown and mushy bananas. So when you make this bread please keep in mind that your bananas HAVE to be overripe for this recipe to be perfect! And by overripe I mean a stage where you don´t really want to touch them with your bare hands anymore ( fear not,you don´t have to touch them, just take a tissue !) So again : Overripe Bananas! Very essential stuff!

Well , you  don´t HAVE to listen , but then don´t come crying to me when your bread doesn´t turn out good . No,just kidding!  Of course you can always come and cry to me, just be prepared that I will virtually give you the eye and tell you that I told you so! (Because I did)

But now enough talking heres´s the recipe

Banana Tahini Blender Bread


Ingredients :

  • 4-5 large OVERRIPE bananas
  • 80 ml maple syrup
  • 5 TBS canola oil
  • 210g all purpose flour
  • 1 heaping TBS peanut butter
  • 1 TBS tahini
  • 1 sachet baking powder
  • 1 heaping tsp cinnamon
  • a good dash of cardamom
  • a pinch of salt
  • optional : 1cup of walnuts , roughly chopped


Preheat your oven to 190 degrees Celsius

Slightly gease and line a loaf pan with parchment paper and set aside

Peel bananas and add all ingredients , except walnuts, in the bowl of a highspeed blender and blend for about 10-15 seconds until everything is smooth and well combined.

Pour the batter in your prepared loaf pan ,add walnuts  and  roughly stir them in using a fork.

Top with some more walnuts and a half of a banana slice and bake for about 40-45 Minutes or until a toothpick inserted comes out clean.

Enjoy your slice with a good cup of coffee and remember :

It´s basically healthy, so why not eat another one? (or 5 ..not that it happened to me..)

Lots of love,




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  • Reply ookiedough 26. April 2017 at 15:37

    Do you know how long this banana bread keeps? I know I might not have the issue if I have it all within 2 days but I’m home alone so it might take a bit longer 😉

    • Reply Eni 28. April 2017 at 13:18

      Liebe Anouk , leider ist das Brot sooo schnell weg , das ich dazu keine Auskünfte geben kann 😉 Aber 2-3 Tage hält es sich sicher! Viel Spaß beim Ausprobieren und ganz viele liebe Grüße!

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