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London Fog French Toast with sugared Blueberries

10. Oktober 2016

The first time I had the idea of starting a Food Blog was about 5 years ago . I have always enjoyed the process of writing , cooking and experimenting with ingredients and reinventing old classic , so starting up my own blog seemed like a no brainer at first. Getting creative and creating, sharing my thoughts and ideas , documenting them in mouthwateringly tempting pictures..awww, it sounded like the perfect idea.

Well,at least until reality hit me and ( pheew,it hit me hard) I realized that I suck at photography. Like really bad. Like you have no idea, just how bad. From bad lightning and almost painfully amateurish foodstyling to terrible backgrounds and angles, using a digital camera, you name it , I did it. All of it.

So after my first flash of euphoria was slightly dampened , I decided to put all my energy into finding the perfect niche for my future blog , until I would have managed to work on my lacking photography skills . Just like back then, when I thought it would probably be useful to meticulously plan my personal and professional future in Hogwarts ,instead of preparing for real life exams, so that I would have it all figured out once my letter will arrive . On that note:18 years Hogwarts-seriously?

But let´s not get carried away .One of my very first ideas that came to my mind back then , was writing a breakfast blog. Breakfast is and will probably always be my favorite meal of the day. Mainly of course because it´s one of the rare meals that are commonly accepted to be eaten in bed , (which completely meets my idea of comfort food). But also because breakfast is such an amazingly vast topic to blog about.

Seriously, I could write books about breakfast. Like many of them. From sweet to savoury, the possibilities are just about endless and if you ask me there is nothing quite like some maple syrup drenched banana pancakes, a sprinkle of crunchy matcha granola on some coconut yoghurt with berries  or a hearty middle-eastern Shakshuka with freshly baked bread .You see, eventhough I am a happily married woman,secretely, my heart belongs to breakfast .

But as the years went by and I had my three bazillion kids , I was forced to do grown up things such as cooking dishes like lunch or dinner as well . So fear not , there will definetly be a lot of non-breakfast related Food on here as well.

But for now : Hello French Toast !


Or to be percise : London Fog Brioche French Toast with Lavender sugared Blueberries !

While simple French Toast , sprinkled with some plain cinnamon sugar tastes pretty delicious just as it is , this version could seriously be considered the Queen of all French Toasts out there, as it forms the perfect Liasion of my most beloved breakfast items.

While Brioche had been a long time favorite of mine , I didn´t come across this magical liquid called „London Fog“ until last year , when I had it in a café in Paris. It´s basically a sweet and creamy Earl Grey Latte with a really subtle, yet irresistible touch of vanilla.

It is the perfect companion to really just every kind of breakfast  cake or cookie (just insert any type of baked good here) and the moment you taste it , you´ll be asking yourself what you have been doing all those years without it.

So if you are looking for a recipe that will turn your standard French Toast Breakfast into a real treat , than this will definetly do the job.

Just think buttery homemade Brioche slices, bathed in silky Earl Grey milk tea with hints of vanilla and topped off with fruity little Blueberries coated in lavender infused sugar. This is the stuff that my breakfast dreams are made of .

And it is not only dreamy in taste but also really  easy to make. Baking your own Brioche is not essential for this recipe , you can easily replace it with a storebought one or another type of bread, even a good yeasted bun from your favorite bakery would work fine ,but to me it always has something deeply satisfyingy to make things from scratch. And seriously, how good is a piece of fluffy  buttery Brioche straight from the oven?






London Fog French Toast with Lavender sugared Blueberries


1.If you are not keen on whipping up your own Brioche , or if you just don´t have the time to make some you could of course go for store bought one, or just use some white bread instead. Just note that it is essential for both Brioche and bread to be at least 2-3 days old before using , otherwise their textures will be too soft, causing it to fall into pieces when dipped into your liquid mixture.

2. If you are making your own Brioche it is very useful to have a good kneading machine like a Kitchen Aid or a Thermomix as the dough is really really soft and requires lots and lots of kneading to get it´s light and fluffy texture

3. You can make your sugar the day or even the week before , this will save you time during the actual process and your sugar will taste even more intense .

Homemade Brioche

Ingredients :

500 g plain flour

60 g sugar

60 g butter

1 free range egg

250 ml milk , lukewarm

1 pinch of salt

Method :

In a large bowl combine Flour, sugar and your dry active yeast.

Turn on your kneading machine and add milk and egg , pinch of salt and the butter. Make sure that you cut your butter in little pieces, adding one piece at the time.

It is essential that you knead the dough for at least 20 ! Minutes.

Cover your bowl with some plastic foil and let it stand in a warm place for about 1 hour, until the dough has risen. Knead for another 3 Minutes.

Transfer your dough into a loaf pan and let it stand for another hour before baking it for about 35 to 40 min at 150 C

Lavender Sugar

Ingredients :

100g of sugar

about 1/2 to 1 tsp of edible lavende buds

a pinch of salt


Add all ingredients in a highspeed blender and bgrind until the sugar has the consistency of slightly coarse powdered sugar and the lavender is incorporated. Store in a lidded jar.

London Fog Mix


180 g whole or almond milk

50 g heavy cream or coconut cream

2 bags of Earl Grey Tea

2 free range eggs or flaxseed eggs for a vegan version

50 g lavender sugar

about 30 g sifted flour

1 tbs vanilla paste ( extract or vanilla pod would work well too)

Method :

Bring milk , vanilla paste or pod and cream to simmer in a saucepan over medium to high heat.Remove from stove and add the tea bags,letting them steep for about 8 minutes.

Transfer everything into a mixing bowl and gently whisk in your sugar, flour and eggs until smooth.

To make the French Toast:

Cut half of your Brioche Bread into 5 thick slices ( about 1 1/2 to 2 cm thick) and heat some butter or coconut oil in a frying pan.

Carefully dip the Brioche into the liquid mixture and gently flip around with a fork, so that both sides are covered in liquid.

Fry the slices on medium high heat for about 2 Min on each side until golden brown.

Dust the hot Brioche with some lavender sugar and serve with sugar tossed Blueberries on top.

They go perfectly well with a good cup of coffee or who would have guessed..London Fog !

Lot´s of love,




Recipe adapted from Local Milk Blog








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